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The football industry, despite increasing financial needs, remains considered by the finance and insurance markets as very risky and complicated to assess. To meet the requirements of the banks and insurers that look to assess this industry, Sport Value has decided to innovate in 2013 developin...

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The deployment of a program of welfare and physical activities within companies: + 6 to 9%...
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Leagues and federations are increasingly managing management control systems of their members a...
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@SportValue - 17 Jun

Candidature au label #TerreDeJeux2024 pour les collectivités https://t.co/co1xahknEh

@SportValue - 17 Jun

Vichy accueille les jeunes espoirs du sport français en vue des JO de 2024 : @VilleDeVichy @Thierry_Omeyerhttps://t.co/CI3zF9BWDY

@SportValue - 17 Jun

Inosport 2019 : Voiron encore au cœur de l'innovation sportive : @Voiron_Ville @Outdoor_Valley https://t.co/J6raofDBvP

@SportValue - 14 Jun

Inauguration d'une halle couverte d'athlétisme à @VilledeStBrieuc. @FFAthletisme https://t.co/zlH1bWBmsz


I have been working with Sport Value since 2013 in underwriting the very first Football risks within the credit insurance market. They have always provided to me a full insight on this specific and new industry to me with high end information on the club’s credit risk and rating through FIRST as well as a thorough understanding of regulations.

Credit insurance underwriter - Lloyd's of London

We have been working with Sport Value for more than 4 years on the purchase of football transfer receivables and other football related financing opportunities.  Sport Value has consistently delivered a very high level of information and support, commencing with  origination through to the execution of the transaction.  We look forward to continuing to work with them on future opportunities

Head of UK marketing London Forfaiting Company

The French federation of Rugby solicited Sport Value to support the optimization of its financial and human ressources. The methodology, attention to details and clarity of tools used as well as the pertinence of recommendations made have been highly praised. Sport Value has demonstrated a high level of commitment and met our expectations in all our exchanges.    

Policy officer at the FFF.


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