Following a transfer for an amount of 10 million euros with payment by instalments over 2 years, the selling club (France) wants to get protected against a payment default of the buying club (Spain) and secure its receipts. Sport Value has been mandated to structure an insurance credit policy on these receivables.

Our work

  • Credit report including analysis of solvability and credit rating of the buying club
  • Presentation of the credit report to our partners. Request of bankruptcy risk coverage, non-payment and delay in payment
  • Collection, analysis (amount, pricing, selection of credit insurers) and presentation of offers to the buying club. Then, negotiation up to selecting one satisfying offer to the club
  • Support of the club alongside the selected credit insurer to meet all conditions of subscription



90% coverage of the 2 payment by instalments of 4 million euros each, for an annual cost of 1.2%.

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