Credit Insurance

Our clients
  • Professional Clubs
  • Professional Leagues
  • Sports Industry (marketing departments, event organizer, broadcasters ...)
  • Financial institutions

Our offer

As an independant broker, Sport Value supports its clients to set up credit insurance policies to protect them against the risk of non-payment from their domestic or international clients (football clubs on transfers, broadcasters, sponsors and other commercial partners).

Credit Insurance on a single buyer (single risk policy)

  • Credit risk analysis of the buyer thanks to our rating software FIRST©
  • Presentation of the request to credit insurers
  • Analysis of offers and negociation of the insurance policy terms

Credit insurance on multiple buyers (whole turnover policy)

  • Analysis of trade debtors and portfolio of rights (broadcasting rights, commercial revenues...)
  • Review, advisory and negociation of the insurance policy terms
  • Implementation of the policy

Credit Insurance on a bank loan

  • Analysis of the borrower solvability, loan structure and financial institution credit process
  • Negociation of insurance policy terms in function of the needs of the financial institution being insured (minimisation of capital allocation, reducing the cost of risk)
  • Capability to adress a syndicated pool of insurers to ensure larger underwriting capacity


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