The football industry, despite increasing financial needs, remains considered by the finance and insurance markets as very risky and complicated to assess. To meet the requirements of the banks and insurers that look to assess this industry, Sport Value has decided to innovate in 2013 developing a unique football clubs credit rating software. This software meets the objective to assess the credit risk of football clubs based on objective and rational criteria adapted to the specificities of the industry. It offers to banks, credit insurers, factoring and forfaiting institutions, investment funds a unique solution to support their credit decisions and manage their exposures to risks from the Football industry (IFRS 9, Basle rules, Solvency directives…).

Our offer

FIRST© is a digital and collaborative solution to issue credit risk analysis reports. FIRST© is based on a very rigorous methodology by ponderation of 4 main themes rating:

  1. Macro-economic environment (assessment of the country where the club is based);
  2. Specificities of the league in which the club plays (economic strength, governance, financial situation, attractiveness);
  3. Financial metrics of the club (profitability, solvability, liquidity, financial leverage…);
  4. Extra financial information (shareholders, governance, quality of infrastructures, brand value, experience of the management and the team…).

Every theme notation is itself the result of the ponderation of sub themes whose rating are calculated from around 200 pre-defined indicators updated on a regular basis.