Facing the credit crunch from its banks, we have been mandated by a professional football club to find a financing solution to meet its cash management requirements.

Our work

We analyzed with the club its cash management requirements signing then a mandate with a scope of action to meet such needs :

  • We have built a credit report including the analysis of last audited financials and cash flow with the construction of financial projections to present to prospective funders. We reviewed assets available and that can be offered to prospective funders as security
  • Presentation of the credit report and demand to the banks and financial institutions of our network for loan secured by 2 transfer receivables from future payments from an English club and a Spanish club
  • Collection, analysis (amount, pricing, structure, funders) and presentation of offers to the club. Negotiation up to selecting one satisfying offer to the club
  • Assist the club to answer and meet all requirements from the bank compliance and credit departments
  • Negotiation and execution of the documentation (loan contract, assignment of receivables, compliance with Sports regulations)
  • Signature of documents and supervision of funding process to the club



The club has obtained a 17 M€ loan secured by two transfer receivables on a non-recourse basis at an all-in cost of 5.3%.